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Royal Doulton Figurines & Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee

It was a great pleasure to be in the United Kingdom for the Diamond Jubilee celebration marking the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

The Royal Family Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

Traveling throughout the country, it was wonderful to see people everywhere celebrating their queen’s special day.  From the north to the south and the east to the west, homes and cottages, streets and shops were decorated with flags and banners.

Decorated Village for the Diamond Jubilee

Decorated House for the Diamond Jubilee

Decorated House for the Diamond Jubilee

Over the 4-day celebration, people throughout the UK gathered for street parties and family gatherings to celebrate the Queens special day while watching the processions on TV.  This was a historic occasion for the British people to celebrate and to show their pride and affection for their monarch.

Despite the dreary weather, heavy rains and gusty winds, the Queen and the Royal Family graciously stood in a lavishly decorated boat for hours for the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.  Over one thousand boats participated in the procession which included music performances in the honor of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

The celebration lasted four days and included a thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral and BBC concert at Buckingham Palace.

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, Royal Doulton has created an impressive figurine featuring Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth seated on the throne.  This Limited Edition figurine is a Must-Have for any Royal Doulton collector, especially those collecting the historical and royalty figurines.

Royal Doulton Figurine Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee HN5582

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